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Teachers are the building blocks of one of the most important pillars of our society. They are the heroes capable, and willing to tackle the myriad of responsibilities of the modern classroom. Educators everywhere learn that words like "teach," "manage," "control," "collaborate," "protect," "befriend," and "discipline" form just a piece of the vocabulary necessary for guiding students to success. We know the struggle of the hard-working educator. We know.

That's why the team at ClassRelay developed the Hallpass Manager app alongside leading educators to create a tool teachers could rely on. A tool teachers actually needed, and not one that added more responsibilities. ClassRelay is about reducing the amount of time educators spend on classroom logistics so that teachers can do what they do best — teach! When we surveyed teachers we found a common struggle in every region across all socioeconomic statuses. How can a teacher keep track of their students' comings and goings during class without being invasive and handing all of their students' personal data to a bad actor?

Before ClassRelay, the answer seemed unclear. Now, with ClassRelay, teachers have an obvious choice. Teachers can forego paper passes, blocks, necklaces, dirty handouts and the host of other adhoc solutions in favor of a carefully designed, and expertly crafted digital hall pass manager. ClassRelay takes the bare essentials of a hall pass manager and empowers educators to handle hall passes intuitively via any internet-connected device.

We asked school administrators, faculty members, and classroom educators what they would like to see in a hall pass manager and the choices were obvious — so we did the obvious. We added automatic timers for how long a student can be away per the pass's destination. We preloaded the top five most commonly requested destinations. We set the passes to remain interactive once handed out so teachers can easily select if a student cut after their time is up, or if the extended time away from the classroom was excused. ClassRelay even added automatic email notification to relevant parties. The best part? You, the user, the educator, the hero of our story, can modify, alter, change, and tweak the settings to fit your need.

ClassRelay's Hall Pass Manager is the beginning of a new era in classroom tools. We believe teachers deserve tools that put their needs first. ClassRelay's Hallpass Manager is a promise to make educator tools that are easy to use, easy to look at, and easy to afford. ClassRelay is committed to making every teacher a powerful teacher; a teacher who isn't afraid of the aspects of education that were once seemingly out of their control.

We know that as educators we can't always control everything that happens in our classrooms, but we will help you strive to control what you can. So stop stressing out about who cut, who's excused, when you should contact a guardian, and begin to shift that focus back to your students.

From the ClassRelay team to you: thank you for reading, and happy teaching!

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