New Schoolyear and What That Means

A Beginning, a Continuation, an End

The start of a new schoolyear elicits a mixed bag of emotions. For some students it marks yet another season of no more videogames at noon. For some educators it means that there's another chance to do more good. For guardians it's somber, it's happy, it's that time of the year that their young ones are entrusted to their teachers so that they can grow to be tomorrow, better than they are today.

At ClassRelay, we're looking forward to this schoolyear. We think this will be the best one yet. We think that this year, unlike last year, you're a little wiser. This year, we think you're a little more ready; you're a little more knowledgeable; a little more of that person you're trying to be. It might not feel like it just yet, but you wait and see. This year? This is a good one. We can feel it.

We know there will be obstacles. We know there will be problems. But, you know what? We know that you can overcome it. Whether you're a student struggling with a test, staying up a little longer to get in just a few extra minutes of reading, or you're an educator who's switched grade levels and are just barely keeping up with the new lesson plans: you're going to make it. We think back to some of the things our teachers told us growing up. We thought they were just saying the right things to get the right reactions to get us through the day. And maybe, maybe they were. But it worked. We did get through it.

We'd like to pay it forward. For the educators who helped us get to know you: we believe this is your best year yet. Welcome back.

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