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Why Did We Make ClassRelay Download-Free?

The ClassRelay Hall Pass Manager is accessible without downloading a thing. You don't need to visit the App Store, the Play Store, or any vendor of digital products. Instead, to get started using the ClassRelay Hall Pass Manager, you'll just need to visit the ClassRelay website and make an account. It's that simple. You asked for it, so we built it.

Before we wrote even a single line of code, or designed the very first icon, we surveyed countless educators. Among the questions we posed them, were a wide assortment aimed at uncovering what would help convince them to use a helpful new tool. Then we asked what might deter them from trying a new tool at all. A significant number of educators informed us that the availability of the tool was the number one indicator of whether they would use the new tool in their classroom. We amassed a sizeable amount of data on our participants' classroom devices: the brands, the models, the years they were acquired, the battery problems, and sometimes we even received information about when and how the screen received its first crack. We listened to educators' concerns with using a new tool in the classroom.

When our interviewees were given an opportunity to ask about ClassRelay's product they often asked some of the following questions: Would they need a new phone? Would the app run on their device? What if their phone was full of family photos, would they still have enough space to download ClassRelay? When we presented our developers with these questions, a solution became readily obvioius. Why not make ClassRelay accessible from anywhere with a webapp?

The ClassRelay Hallpass Manager was developed with educators' needs and concerns in mind, and it lives entirely in the cloud so app management is offloaded to our servers, not teachers' devices. The Hallpass Manager performs in much the same way that you've come to expect from apps you can download in digital marketplaces, but it doesn't need to be downloaded, or updated. We take care of that for you. In fact, to ensure that users could get an experience on par with native applications, we carefully constructed the app to reduce lag, and unnecessary data waste. If you like to see the app on your device's homescreen, simply save the webpage to your homescreen and your device will take care of the rest.

One of the major benefits of not releasing to a single marketplace on launch is that all teachers in all parts of the world can start running a more efficient classroom on a wider range of devices. Whether you're on a mobile device like a smartphone or a tablet, or on a bigger device like a laptop, PC, or Chromebook, ClassRelay can be accessed as long as you're online. Your school provides iPads to all teachers? Great! You can visit on your iPad and get started wrangling hall passes like a rockstar! What's that — you use a netbook that's a few years old? No problem! Let a modern web browser auto-update on launch, and then visit to get started hassle-free. As a bonus, your data and account information is updated and synced automatically when you interact with ClassRelay so even when you switch from one device to another you'll be on the latest version of your account. ClassRelay was built by educators to be used, enjoyed, and loved by educators.

We absolutely love building a product that makes teaching easier. We are thrilled with the responses we have received about ClassRelay, and we continue to look forward to every update and every feature that teachers deem necessary to make ClassRelay even better. The team at ClassRelay is hard at work tearing down barriers between educators and the right tools for the job, and we take pride in what we do and how we do it, so we're grateful, humbled, and honored to hear that you are enjoying ClassRelay's ease-of-use. We always look forward to your feedback and we actively look to make ClassRelay an extension of your awesome teaching.

Thanks for choosing ClassRelay! We're happy to be here with you.

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